Thank you for visiting and welcome to creJJtion; all about my adventures with yarn, flowers and other things calm and pretty. Inspiring through easy to follow patterns with mostly natural yarns and bright images to light up your moment.
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  • IMG_6082

    Fall 2017

    After a good 6 months I figured it is about time for an update on what’s going on here in creJJtion land. Fall 2017 is here already. Regarding my publications; the baby crochet book ‘9 Months to Crochet‘ got translated to Dutch, Danish and French. I am so happy to be able to...
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  • IMG_3015

    Week 11 – 2017

    After a couple weeks of rain, cold, myself and my girl being sick with all kinds of bugs, finally, FINALLY, the sun came out last weekend. Oh what joy! Only now we realize how much we needed some vitamin D to lift the spirits and get some positive energy flowing. We have...
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  • 9 months FULL COVER_front_US

    9 Months To Crochet

    During our move my new book came out in the UK and USA; 9 Months To Crochet. Publishing internationally is a dream come true for me. I was, and still am, very honoured I got the chance to write this book. 9 Months To Crochet is all about crocheting during your pregnancy, or...
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