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    Etsy Resolution

    We are already past the first half of January; how are you doing on your resolutions for 2017? Is opening an online shop one of them? In that case, I have something interesting for you. Did you know my author adventure initially started with opening an Etsy shop? Back in 2012...
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  • 2017-01-07-2

    starting 2017 in Hygge

    Snow has fallen, it finally looks like Winter here and in all of Europe according to the news report. Winter is my favourite season and snow just completes it. In three weeks we will move to our new home, renovations are in full swing. After years of renting, we are finally...
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  • latest-shawl-design

    Zondag Sjaal

    *this post is in Dutch since the pattern will launch during a workshop at the Dutch yarn shop Wolplein on October 8. The crochet pattern will be available in English (UK and US terms) through Etsy and Ravelry four weeks later on Saturday November 5. Testing your patience… I...
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